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Top Pumps PerfectDraft Cards


Fancy playing PerfectDraft top trumps, or even top pumps? Now you can.

52 cards of kegs on the PerfectDraft all on individual cards that you can easily print off to play with!

The cards also contain a handy QR code which you can scan to be sent straight to the keg on beerhawk. So if you want to add price as another TopPump bonus category, you can!

If you've watched my review on the Big Bald Reviews YouTube channel, you will see I have created these TopPumps PerfectDraft cards. The categories are as follows

> Big Bald Reviews Rating - I've given it my score out of 10. For those that I haven't reviewed yet I've had my best guess.

> ABV - Pump up the volume, or don't. You choose which is best, high ABV or Lower?

> EST - When was the beer first brewed? Some are a bit of a guess and some are when the brewery started. But hey ho!

> Popularity - My gut feeling on how popular the keg is.. in the UK at least.

> Design - If I like the design of the keg I rate it higher.

> Session-ability - Can you have a few pints in one sitting without a banging head in the morning?

Those are my categories for now. If you can help make these cards more accurate, just let me know where I've messed up and I'll put it right. Maybe not straight-away, but I will one day.

Printing If you want to print the TopPumps cards out. Use the following settings to print on both sides of the paper. I laminated mine as well, just for those spillages in the bar!

If you haven't yet signed up to the free PerfectDraft area on this big bald reviews website, what are you waiting for?

You can save your favorite order of kegs and see information on each keg including the price per pint with and without discount as well as the calories per pint.


Hope you enjoy the Big Bald Reviews YouTube channel and website. Please make sure you subscribe and like the videos to help spread the big bald reviews smooth views!

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