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Find PerfectDraft kegs in Coventry


Sometimes you just want to stroll down to your local shop and pick up a PerfectDraft keg. So this page will hopefully help you find a PerfectDraft keg in Coventry.
Using the map below you will be able to see if there is a shop near you in Coventry.

It's worth checking back now and again to see if any new shops that sell PerfectDraft kegs have popped up in Coventry.
If you are luck enough to have a shop local to you then you will still be able to return the used keg to Beerhawk should you want to.
Some local shops may accept returns. If they do then that's great. But if not, that shouldn't be a problem.

PerfectDraft Keg Map

Use this map to find a local shop that sells PerfectDraft kegs in Coventry.

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