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For all things PerfectDraft

We all love our PerfectDraft, so this area on Big Bald Reviews is here to make that experience even sweeter. As sweet as a Leffe Ruby with a sherbert fountain chaser.

  • Rank your PerfectDraft kegs from the great (Drunken Sailor for example) to the not so great (Diebels). Sorry, I shouldn't influence!
  • Your no.1 slot is entered into the live poll below. Let's see who is king keg!
  • Save notes on your favourite kegs
  • Link through to BeerHawk to buy your kegs
  • Print off a QRCode to scan and purchase.
  • See the true value of each keg! How much per pint with or without discount
  • Create a login now by registering and validating your email.
  • How does using the PerfectDraft compare to visiting your local.
  • Everythiing taken into account from the running costs to the discount you can receive.
  • Select what you want to take into account.
  • Use the cost comparison tool below now to see how the PerfectDraft compares.
  • Kegs can be found in local shops
  • Have a look at the map below to see if there is a seller near you!
  • Just let me know via the contact form what else you would like to see in this area to make your almost Perfect PerfectDraft experience Perfect (what a sentence!).

Help make this area great. The more ideas the better. The more users the better. Share away!

King of the PerfectDraft Kegs

Which keg is No.1 among our PerfectDraft registerd owners?
To contribute to this live poll simply register now and put your favourite keg in the No.1 slot!

Live Poll Results of everyones No. 1 Keg

PerfectDraft cost comparison

If you buy in bulk you can receive discount.
Also if you are a member of certain groups you may also receive discount on kegs.
These discounts range from 10%-15% so select the appropriate option.

When you return a keg, you receive £5 back in beer tokens on the BeerHawk website.
These tokens need to be used within 6 months.
Obviously they have to be used on the BeerHawk website, so you can take this into account or not.

The PerfectDraft machine on its own currently costs approx £239.
If you want to take this cost into account over 1,2 or 3 years. Select the appropriate option below.

Running a PerfectDraft is like running a small fridge. It's cheaper than a TV, but you may want to consider the cost in this calculation
Here's how this is calculated: PerfectDraft machine runs at an average of 40W, Running 168 hours (a week) @ 14p per KW would cost just under a £1 a week.

Depending on what you like to drink most can make a difference when comparing to pub prices. Lagers are cheaper than IPA's and IPA's are cheaper than strong high ABV Belgian beers.
Select what you like to drink most below.

Where you live makes a big difference to the cost per pint. Those lucky enough to live in Swansea enjoy pints at an average of £3.12, whereas London folk have to hand over an average of £5.19 a pint.
Select your city below (or nearest city... I've done my best).

Once you select your city... the results will appear.
You will need to select an option in each drop down above.

Local Stores Selling PerfectDraft Kegs

PerfectDraft Links

Beer HawkHome of the PerfectDraft and loads of other great beers.
Enjoy Beer? Try it out.
PerfectDraft Kegs TipsFacebook Group for people that own the PerfectDraft
PerfectDraft Tap Handle AdaptersFacebook page for a chap that sells PerfectDraft tap handle adapters.
Just in case you want to customise it a bit!